come [kum]
came, come, coming [ME comen < OE cuman, akin to Goth qiman, Ger kommen < IE base * gwem-, *gwā-, to go, come > L venire, to come, Gr bainein, to go]
1. to move from a place thought of as “there” to or into a place thought of as “here”:
a) in the second person, with relation to the speaker [come to me, will you come to the dance tonight?]
b) in the first person, with relation to the person addressed [I will come to see you]
c) in the third person, with relation to the person or thing approached [he came into the room]
2. to approach or reach by or as by moving toward
3. to arrive or appear [help will come]
4. to extend; reach [the bus line comes near the hotel]
5. to happen; take place [success came to him early in life]
6. to take form in the mind, as through recollection [her name finally came to him]
7. to occur in a certain place or order [after 9 comes 10]
a) to become actual; evolve; develop [peace will come in time]
b) to proceed; progress; get (along) [how's your new book coming (along)?]
a) to be derived [milk comes from cows]
b) to be descended [he comes from an old family]
c) to be a native, resident, or former resident: with from
10. to be caused; result [illness may come from a poor diet ]
11. to be due or owed (to): used in the participle [to get what is coming to one]
12. to pass by or as by inheritance [the house came to him on the death of his father]
13. to enter into a certain state or condition [this word has come into use]
14. to get to be; become [my shoe came loose]
15. to be obtainable or available [this dress comes in four sizes]
16. to amount; add up (to)
17. Informal to have a sexual orgasm
18. when (a specified time or event) occurs [come evening, he will return ]: used with the subject after the verb
Slang SEMEN: somewhat vulgar
used to express irritation, impatience, remonstrance, etc. [oh come! it's not that bad]
as good as they come or as tough as they come or as strong as they come
among the best (or toughest, strongest, etc.)
come about
1. to happen; occur
2. to turn about
3. Naut. to change course so that the sail or sails shift from one side of the vessel to the other, esp. to do so as by turning the bow into and across the wind; tack
come across
1. to meet by accident; find by chance
2. Informal to be effective, readily understood, etc.
3. Slang to give, do, or say what is wanted; provide ( with what is needed)
come again?
Informal what did you say? please repeat that!
come alive
1. to become excited, enthusiastic, etc.
2. to become exciting, interesting, etc. [new curtains made the room come alive]
come along
1. to appear or arrive
2. to proceed or succeed
come and get it!
Informal the meal is ready!: a summons to eat
come around or come round
1. to revive; recover
2. to make a turn or change in direction
3. to concede or yield, as to a demand
4. Informal to come to visit
come at
1. to reach; attain
2. to approach angrily or swiftly, as in attacking
come back
1. to return
2. Informal to make a comeback
come between
to cause estrangement between; divide
come by
1. to get; acquire; gain
2. to pay a visit
come down
to suffer loss in status, wealth, etc.
come down on or come down upon
to scold; criticize harshly
☆ come down with
to contract (a cold, flu, etc.)
come forward
to offer one's services; volunteer
come in
1. to enter
2. to arrive
3. to begin to be used; come into fashion
4. to start producing, as an oil well
5. to finish in a competitive event [he came in fifth]
6. see phrase under IN1 Golf
a) Radio to answer a call or signal
b) Radio, TV, etc.Radio TV etc. to be received
come in for
Informal to get or become eligible to get
come into
1. to enter into; join
2. to inherit
come of age
to reach the age when one has full legal rights: often used figuratively for any arrival at maturity, one's prime, etc. [baseball came of age in the 1920s]: see also OF AGE under AGE
come off
1. to become unfastened or detached
2. to happen; occur
3. to end up; emerge, as from a contest
4. Informal to prove effective, successful, etc. [humor that didn't come off]
☆ come off it!
Slang stop acting or talking in that way!
come on
1. to make progress
2. to meet by accident; find
3. to appear, begin to work, make an entrance, etc.
come on! Informal
used to signify
a) invitation, often to a different place
b) encouragement, urgency, etc. [come on! you can do it]
c) objection, disagreement, refusal to believe, etc. [come on! you can't be serious]: Often used as a cajoling expression equivalent to please
come on to
Slang to make sexual advances toward
come out
1. to be disclosed; become evident
2. to be offered for public inspection, sale, etc.
3. to be formally introduced to society; make a debut
4. to end up; turn out [how did the election come out? ]
5. to become actively homosexual or reveal that one is homosexual
come out for
to announce one's approval of; endorse
come out with
1. to disclose
2. to say; utter; publish
3. to offer for public inspection, sale, etc.
come over
to happen to; occur to; seize [a strange feeling came over me]
come through
1. to wear through
2. to complete or endure something successfully
3. Informal to do what is wanted; provide ( with what is needed)
come to
1. to recover consciousness
2. Naut.
a) to bring the ship's head nearer the wind
b) to stop moving; also, to anchor
come up
1. to arise; begin [a light breeze came up]
2. to be mentioned, as in a discussion
3. to rise or improve, as in status
4. to be put forward, as for a vote
5. Brit. to enter a university
come upon
1. to meet or encounter by accident
2. to attack
come up to
1. to reach or extend to
2. to equal
come up with
to propose, produce, find, suggest, etc.

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